Jeff Donnell to present on role of health IT during NAWHC webinar

NAWHC to address key issues pertaining to medical records during webinar

As an occ health professional, you likely have questions about new rules pertaining to how, when and to whom you must provide access to information in an employee’s medical record. To answer these questions and focus on other key issues pertaining to medical records, the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) is hosting a webinar from 11:00-12:30 (CT) on October 18, 2021.


The event, Key Issues Involving the Different Kinds of Medical Records at Worksite Health Centers will feature several industry experts who will share their approaches and recommendations. Register today to hear what Stephanie Eckerle, partner, Krieg DeVault Legal; Michael La Penna, founder and CEO, The La Penna Group; and Jeff Donnell, president of Enterprise Health have to say.


Issues highlight importance of health IT in worksite health centers

Health IT is a critical component in meeting the requirements of the various rules, regulations and laws that affect occupational and employee health. With that in mind, Donnell will showcase how Enterprise Health covers the waterfront of occ and employee health needs — from compliance to clinical care. Specifically, he will highlight how the right technology enables employers to:


  • Maintain compliance by managing OSHA data collection and reporting for worksite injury and illness and ensuring that surveillance requirements are met and documented
  • Manage clinical cases with a solution built on a certified EHR platform (and as such includes certified functionality)
  • Preserve HIPAA-level privacy and data protection, even for non-HIPAA covered entities
  • Meet regulatory requirements across a wide variety of countries, states and localities, as well as industry-specific requirements
  • Support healthcare providers in the delivery of both employee health and third-party occ health — on the same platform
  • Keep hospital employee health records separate from patient records
  • Manage COVID response including an ever-changing variety of requirements and use cases for symptom monitoring, work status, vaccine administration and more

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